Backstroke On Netflix: A Complete Overview, Where to Watch?

In its short run of only 10 minutes, Backstroke movie is a film that best shows the great influence of a social media platform like TikTok in the present age of digital media in show that it is possible to deliver a message and to involve the audiences. The movie famous from a viral TikTok sense to a very value one on YouTube states the ongoing state of film distribution and dynamics which invalid the old school concepts of where and how people discover interesting stories.

Is Backstroke On Netflix?

backstroke on netflix
backstroke on netflix

That’s a shame that Backstroke movie Netflix is not now available on Netflix for streaming. But the movie can be paid or purchased from such online platforms as Amazon Prime Video, iTunes and Google Play, along with that the movie can be watched on official “Backstroke” website. Unlike a lot of other short horror movies, Backstroke is titled that due to its unique account, which is attractive, and it has gain more excitement related to other short horror movies, thereby setting it away as a good recent count into the short film in industry.

Backstroke Movie Netflix: The Story Of Backstroke

Backstroke follows the story of a young girl named Emily who is struggle with her identity and her relationship with her mother. Emily is a competitive swimmer and is always push herself to be the best. However, her mother high hopes and nonstop criticism take a toll on Emily’s mental health. As she makes for an important swim meet. The Emily has must challenge her inside experts and find her strength in the water.

The Symbolism Of Swimming

The title of the film, Backstroke suggests a music much deeper than a mere swimming style. The film uses swimming to represent the art of living and Emily struggle to swim the backstroke is a image for her struggle to overcome life track race, finding her purpose in life. The stream also stands for the heavy weight and feeling of being stress to be perfect, in the eyes of her mother and society.

The Success of Backstroke

Backstroke has been the subject of numerous positive reviews and is a rewards candidate at the Cannes Film Festival as well as at the Toronto International Film Festival in Canada. It has been additionally rewarded by a couple of prizes, for example, Best Short Film at the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival and Best Drama at the Hollywood International Moving Pictures Film Festival.

Backstroke Movie Netflix: The Significance of Mental Health


Movie Backstroke emphasises the role of mental health, special in young athletes. What Emily feels for her mom and approval and always want to be the best has deep impacts on her mind health. The movie deals with problem of parent pressure and its costs on a child attitude to himself and health in general. Emily by the movie end is that she must put herself first and speak up for herself. This message of self-care with self-love has a lot of impact to the audience.

What awards has Backstroke received?

The backstroke movie is a thriller and short film the directed by Robbie Barclay, and gained a lot of popularity, even the shorts there are some cool award it collect.

Vimeo Staff Pick: This means Vimeo, a big platform for videos thought Backstroke was real good and special.

Short of the Week: The film got and presented as the Short of the Week, which is a big deal in the world of independent producer. And its shows are people really loved and they gain attention of people

Backstroke Movie Where To Watch

The backstroke movie where to watch is a short film directed by the Robbie Barclay, the movies can’t available on Netflix, but you can see and watch online in this platform.

YouTube: The full 10-minute short film is free available on YouTube. Search for Backstroke full movie directed by Robbie Barclay to find it.

Movie Fone: You can stream or purchase for temporary Backstroke full movie on movie Fone.

ALTER: The official ALTER YouTube channel features the film. It’s a platform that brings you exciting horror short films every week


The Movie Backstroke is a short film, that highlights the impact of TikTok on digital media, and shows how messages can reach viewers. Not on Netflix, but available for purchase on platforms like Amazon Prime Video. The story follows Emily she is a good swimmer who struggles with self and criticism. Swimming represents life challenges and the pressure to be perfect.

Movie Backstroke, a successful short film, has received positive reviews and awards at many film festivals. It stresses mental health, especially in young athletes, and the importance of self-care and self-love. The film has been known by platforms like Vimeo and Short of the Week and can be watched on YouTube and Movie Fone.

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