As technology keeps improving, many changes come into the work. In the same method, the FCI (Food Corporation of India) advanced an Hrmsfci for their government staff. FCI HRMS also has access to many services which will be discussed later. It provides everything employees need in one place. In this article, we talk about the login process along with its uses, benefits, and services.

FCI HRMS Point Of Overview

Name FCI HRMS Portal
Launched by Food Corporation of India (HRMS)
Beneficiary FCI employees
Purpose Employees of the HRMS can benefit from online service workers can easily get help with FCI HRMS Online Portal.
Category Government Site
Official website


The FCI HRMS is also known as a worker self-service system. All workers of the FCI HRMS can benefit from online service workers can easily get help with the online portal. Complete and fill out this portal official website is and get benefits or help full service as online leave management, refund claims, online attendance, etc. An aims to progress the production and productivity of the corporation and complete the automatic manual and responsibilities.

Benefits of Hrms Fci Login

Now all staff can check their regular and yearly pay slips without staying at the HR or manager’s workplace which finally protects employees’ time.

Improved Productivity:

The Automation of routine in HR everyday jobs cuts physical connection and saves time or income for both workers and HR staff. This productivity explains the innovative production and working quickness across the group.

Improved Transparency:

They are providing workers with visibility into their HR staff’s related activities and information, FCI HRMS accepts a culture of photo and trust within the group. Vibrant statement stations promote appointments and ease mistakes.

Cost savings:

The updated procedures and compact directorial payments transported by FCI HRMS lead to important cost savings for the collection. Some savings can be invested into planned creativities and employee safety plans.

FEATURES Of The Hrmsfci

Fill out this FCI HRMS portal official website is and get benefits or help full service as online leave management, refund claims, online attendance, etc.

  • Dashboard
  • Attendance 
  • Leave
  • Reimbursement
  • Directory
  • Training Reports
  • Policies and Circulars
  • Connect +
  • Survey
  • Performance


The Food Corporation of India presents its Human Resource Management System FCI HRMS to convert employee society. There are a few points to guide you to log in so follow step by step.

  1. First Visit the official website of FCI HRMS ( portal through your chosen web browser.
  2. Enter your User ID or password provided by FCI.
  3. Enter your password.
  4. Verify the captcha on your screen, to confirm security.
  5. Click on the “Login” button to enter the Hrms fc dashboard.
  6. When you successfully login, you increase access to a range of employee-centric service areas, including leave attendance, staff, and more.


The FCI HRMS to convert employee society. There are few points to guide you to Apply for leave in so follow step by step.

  • Firstly, visit the official website of  Hrmsfci Login.
  • Then after that, you go to the homepage of FCI HRMS login into the portal by using a user ID or password.
  • Login into Dashboard will open on your screen.
  • Now you see the dashboard on your screen and click on the leave option.
  • After that click on the Apply leaves for a new leave application.
  • Now Fill in all required details and recheck again full details of the correct fill-up then submit this leave application form.
  • You can also check the before-applied leave on the dashboard finished click on the “Apply leave” option. Also, check the outstanding leave by clicking on the “Leave balance” option.


Employee Dashboard shall help as a joint office to road and transfer out support schedules. Workers can access the Dashboard after login. It shows the worker’s planned leaves and Breaks, attendance, and training. archives in a look. Based on the user ID and approvals given to the member, a member shall be to charge the Employee Self Service by ticking the Dashboard link.

How to Check Attendance?

To check attendance in FCI HRMS Human Resource Management System, follow these simple steps:

  • Now visit the official website of FCI HRMS Login
  • Then on the homepage now you fill in the user ID and password.
  • And the login Dashboard will open on your screen.
  • On the dashboard, click on the Attendance part.
  • Now you can check all information related to your attendance and absence.

Can you also use the “Attendance regulation” option when you forget to cut your attendance in the biometric machine attendance structure while entering the office?


The FCI HRMS launched by Food Corporation of India, is a self-service system for employees to access online services such as leave direction and attending through the official website. Profits include better production, slide, and cost savings. Features include dashboard, presence, leave, and repayment. Access by visiting
Hrmsfci site and following login steps.

To access, enter the user ID and password, verify the captcha, and click Login. Explore many worker facilities like leaving attendance. Apply for leave by logging, staying in the dashboard, and selecting Apply leaves. Check attendance by login, visiting the dashboard, and clicking on the Attendance section. Apply the Attendance rule option if required.

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