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The Indian government launched the Sanchar Saathi website to empower and assist mobile customers. The Department of Telecommunications (DOT)’s citizen-centric initiative seeks to improve security and promote awareness among mobile users across the country.

Sanchar Saathi enables individuals to discover mobile connections registered in their name, disconnect those that are no longer in use, block/trace missing mobile phones, and verify the validity of devices when purchasing a new or used phone. Sanchar Saathi has a variety of modules, including CEIR and TAFCOP. In this post, we will look into TAFCOP, its applications, and how to utilize it.


Highlight of TAFCOP Portal

Portal Name TAFCOP Portal 
Launched By By Department of Telecom  
Year 2023    
Beneficiaries Telecom Subscribers and TAFCOP Registered Connections        
Application Procedure online 
objective To provide reliable, secure, affordable and high-quality telecommunication services      
Benefits There will be high-quality, reasonably priced, safe, and dependable telecommunication services available
Categories Central Government Schemes    
Official Website https://tafcop dgtelecom gov in/ 


Known About TAFCOP

Telecom Analytics for Fraud Management and Consumer Protection is referred to as TAFCOP PORTAL. By entering their cell number and checking in, users of mobile devices may examine the amount of active connections made in their name on this page. They may also use it to report any connections they wish to uninstall that they find unpleasant or unfamiliar.

The Department of Telecommunications established the portal in April 2021 as a part of the Sanchar Saathi project. In addition to government efforts that are centered on the requirements of residents, it aims to provide a variety of services and information on telecom, information, and mobile security.


Objectives of TAFCOP Dg-telecom Gov in Portal

The primary goal of the TAFCOP Consumer Portal is to offer the nation’s customers dependable, safe, reasonably priced, and superior telecom services. It is made easier to find out how many active mobile connections are registered in the customers’ names using this site and to take the necessary steps to regularize any more mobile connections they could have. Additionally, handling the Customer Acquisition Form (CAF) is the main duty of the service providers under the TAFCOP dgtelecom gov in the site.


Services under TAFCOP Dg-telecom gov in Portal

  • All users with more than nine multiple connections will receive SMS reminders.
  • Customers will now be able to use the TAFCOP Consumer Portal to obtain the Ticket ID reference number and request status.
  • Before receiving the status information, citizens will need to log in using their cellphone number to check the status.


Documents Required for TAFCOP Dg-telecom Portal

  • For Track Active Sim: There are no additional documents needed to track the status of an active SIM; all that the applicant needs is an active mobile number that has been activated with the TAFCOP portal Aadhar card ID.
  • For lost/stolen Mobile: Candidates must have the following paperwork to file a complaint regarding a lost or stolen mobile device.
  • Bill Invoice
  • Police Complaint
  • Valid ID Proof


Procedure to Check Online Registered Connection

Any citizen enrolled on the Tefcop dg-telecom gov site who wishes to verify their online connection can do so by completing these steps:

  • You must first visit the Tefcop Consumer Portal’s official website, after which the website’s homepage will load for you.
  • After providing your mobile number on the website’s homepage, you must select the “Request OTP” option.
  • Your registered cellphone number will get an OTP; you must input it and then select the “Validate” option.
  • The registered online connections will now be shown to you following a successful verification process.


Procedure to Log Under the TAFCOP Consumer Portal

The procedures listed below must be followed to log into your account and access all of the website’s features:-

  • The homepage of the website will then open in front of you when you have visited the TAFCOP Consumer Portal’s official website.
  • You must select the “Login” option from the website’s homepage for the next page to open.
  • You must input the requested information here, including the User ID, Password, and Captcha code.
  • You must now select the “Login” option. By doing so, you may access this portal and log in.


Procedure to Check the Number of Mobile SIMs Linked to Your Aadhaar

You must do the following actions to display the connection number on your Aadhaar:

  • Initially, go to https://tafcop dgtelecom gov in, the official website.
  • After choosing your cellphone number, click “Request OTP.”
  • Verify the OTP, then apply.
  • You may look up the cell phone numbers linked to your Aadhaar card.
  • You can choose to submit your report without including the numbers that are not in your name or that are not required.


The Process to Download the TAFCOP APP

The TAF-COP App has not yet been released by official authorities, therefore those who wish to download it will need to wait a while. After publication, candidates can download the mobile application by following the guidelines provided below.

  • Go to the official TAF COP Portal webpage.
  • Click the “TAF COP App Download” link on the website now.
  • You will then be redirected to the Play Store.
  • You may look for the app on the Google Play store as well.
  • The Install button may then be tapped on the right.
  • The installation of your TAF-COP App has now been completed.


Benefits from the TAFCOP Consumer Portal

In addition to studying the regulations and recommendations presented here, users should visit the TAF COP Consumer Portal to take advantage of the many benefits listed below.

  • Customers who have more than nine SIM cards can take the necessary actions by using the TAF COP Consumer Portal at dgtelecom.
  • Users of the TAF COP Consumer Portal will be able to see a list of the mobile numbers linked to their identification documents.
  • Using your cellphone number or an OTP, you may register on the TAFCOP DG Telecom Government Portal and track SIM card connections linked to your TAFCOP portal Aadhar card.
  • TAF COP Consumer Portal is the acronym for Telecom Analytics for Fraud Management and Consumer Protection. The new TAFCOP dgtelecom will further enhance the protection against identity theft.
  • If users provide the required details at TAFCOP dgtelecom, they may check the status of their SIM cards.


Various States Where TAFCOP is Available

List of states where mobile users can access the TAFCOP site to obtain an active connection and use CEIR to ban or unblock stolen or lost phones.


Arunachal Pradesh Meghalaya
Assam Mizoram
Bihar Nagaland
Chhattisgarh Odisha
Goa Punjab
Gujarat Rajasthan
Haryana Sikkim
Himachal Pradesh Tamilnadu
Jharkhand Telangana
Karnataka Tripura
Kerala Uttar Pradesh
Madhya Pradesh Uttrakhand
Maharashtra West Bengal


Importance of the TAFCOP Portal

With the use of the TAFCOP Consumer Portal, users may protect themselves against fraud and identity theft. Some common scams that happen when utilizing a mobile connection are as follows:

  • SIM switch fraud: A replica SIM card with your number must be obtained by someone to access your bank accounts, one-time passwords, or other confidential information.
  • Call forwarding fraud: You pay Tap Cop to assist in surreptitiously redirecting your incoming calls to a different number.
  • Fraud involving international roaming: The website assists in identifying instances in which an individual leaves your house and utilizes data, makes costly calls, or configures international roaming on your phone.
  • False KYC fraud: The platform also helps you spot instances in which someone uses your identification credentials to open a mobile account in your name, which they then use for illicit purposes.

You may use the site to see whether any of these scams are impacting your mobile connections and report them to your service provider or the Department of Technology (DoT).



The TAF COP Consumer Portal is a helpful resource for customers who wish to monitor and control their mobile connections to prevent fraud or identity theft. Through the intuitive TAF COP Consumer Portal, users can obtain timely notifications and information. It also supports DoT’s efforts to keep an eye on and enforce regulations governing service providers’ appropriate use of telecom resources. Encouraging customers and bolstering security in the telecom industry are the goals of Tapcop. Check the TAFCOP webpage to see how many connections are active in your name if you use a mobile device in India.


Notice: The content above is provided merely for reference; we take no responsibility for it and suggest that you check the official website for the most recent updates.



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